Verdicts & Settlements
New Hampshire Supreme Court
  • Reversed trial court order concerning part performance regarding real estate purchase rights.
  • Reversed Real Estate Commission order adverse to client regarding subject matter jurisdiction.
  • Reversed trial court order against client regarding insurance coverage for insured.
  • Affirmed summary judgment regarding right of first refusal for clients in $3,000,000 real estate dispute.
  • Affirmed trial court decision there existed no liability under endorsement by olympic swimmer with clients.
  • Held that Statute of Repose is constitutional in construction litigation case.
  • Upheld real estate partition order by Sullivan County Probate Court.
  • Sustained directed verdict at close of Plaintiff's case in environmental matter.
  • Upheld summary judgment on constitutional "taking" theory regarding real estate.
Belknap County Superior Court
  • Settled estate/trust case regarding duress and lack of competence.
  • Successfully took to trial divorce dispute between parties.
  • Settled liability regarding personal injury for policy limits (pre-suit).
  • Prevailed on decree pro confesso in nuisance claim as to real estate.
  • Settled significant mechanic's lien claim after case filed with court.
  • Settled two civil suits immediately after filing actions seeking lien against property.
  • Settled complex marital action on eve of trial.
  • Settled, pre-suit, a personal injury claim against a town arising out of motor vehicle accident.
  • Assisted couple with reconciliation and withdrawal of divorce.
Carroll County Superior Court
  • Conducted multi-day trial succeeding in resolving boundary dispute in favor of client based on adverse possession for Lake Winnipesaukee home.
Cheshire County Superior Court
  • Conducted trial regarding parenting rights in divorce.
  • Settled matter regarding contractual obligation, post suit.
  • Recovered legal fees for client in contested matter.
Grafton County Superior Court
  • Settled insurance coverage matter for client
  • Trial - Received directed verdict at close of plaintiff's case regarding social host liability claim against client in case with $350,000 in medical damages.
  • Procured ex parte order to enforce terms of prior court order.
Hillsborough County Superior Court
  • Settled large construction contract litigation prior to trial.
  • Settled mechanics lien claim on behalf of subcontractor.
  • Successfully defended subrogation claim against client by insurer concerning automobile accident
  • Settled mechanics lien claim case for property owner
  • Settled divorce matter involving signficant issues as to minor children
  • Settled litigation regarding rights under Will.
  • Settled breach of warranty claim at mediation.
  • Settled personal injury action at mediation.
  • Trial - order in favor of client on breach of contract and negligence.
  • Settled contract dispute between businesses.
  • Settled divorce prior to trial
  • Procured final default order in matter due to noncompliance by opposing party.
  • Client awarded legal fees and payments from retirement plan based on opponent's fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Trial - exposed opponent's fraud; concluded successful order for client.
  • Trial - leading to adoption of client's terms in order.
  • Settled personal injury claim, post suit, at mediation.
  • Settled foreclosure matter prior to court hearing.
  • Settled complex business torts matter pre-suit.
  • Settled construction contract dispute immediately after filing suit.
  • Prevailed on summary judgment in dispute over right of first refusal in real estate matter valued at $3,000,000.
  • Settled product liability claim for defective equipment immediately after filing suit.
  • Negotiated settlement for client in game of chance dispute with sponsoring agency, pre-suit.
  • Trial - proved disputed liability for second mortgage rested with other party.
Merrimack County Superior Court
  • Negotiated preliminary injunction regarding business issues.
  • Prevailed in action to restore parenting time to parent denied same.
  • Concluded prenuptial agreement for client.
  • Prevailed in bench trial in favor of client protecting property from claim for public road dedication.
  • Successfully pursued lack of subject matter jurisdiction to conclude fraudulent transfer claim on eve of jury trial.
  • Prevailed in trial regarding real estate rights claims by abutting property owners to commercial property.
  • Settled divorce matter that included pre-trial award of legal fees in favor of client.
  • Prevailed in trial regarding breach by defendant.
  • Prevailed in trial of divorce issues regarding property, parenting rights and successfully pursued award of legal fees for client.
  • Settled divorce matter regarding complex issues of property and retirement assets.
  • Settled business dispute concerning contractual interests of competing businesses.
  • Negotiated divorce settlement at mediation.
  • Settled contempt, including full award of legal fees.
  • Settled divorce at mediation.
  • Settled breach of contract claim at mediation.
  • Settled divorce matter regarding substantial business assets.
  • Summary Judgment in favor of client regarding "Right to Know" law issues.
  • Summary Judgment in favor of client regarding statute of limitations concerning guarantor obligation.
  • Recovered attorney fees in protracted post-divorce matter.
  • Settled real estate purchase dispute at court mediation.
  • Settled contract dispute.
  • Succeeded in procuring relocation order for parent and child.
  • Prevailed regarding scope of easement issue before court.
  • Settled divorce issue on eve of trial.
  • Settled real estate broker misrepresentation case at mediation.
  • Settled divorce matter at private mediation.
  • Settled real estate breach of contract action on eve of jury trial.
  • Client awarded legal fees in court action.
  • Settled real estate boundary case post-suit, at court mediation.
  • Settled condominium defects litigation prior to trial.
  • Client awarded legal fees in pursuing post-divorce contempt action.
  • Prevailed in evidentiary hearing defending client from claim of $47,000 child support arrearage.
  • Settled divorce shortly after exchange of information.
  • Settled personal injury claim, pre-suit.
  • Settled divorce matter, pre-trial.
  • Settled right-to-know claim prior to hearing on merits.
  • Settled real estate boundary dispute and adverse possession claim.
  • Settled real estate adverse possession claim pre-suit.
  • Settled declaratory judgment action against insurer for property damage coverage due to house fire.
  • Settled property portion of commercial vehicle accident for plaintiff by receiving surrender of insurance policy limits for policy covering person causing accident.
  • Settled complex divorce issues on eve of trial.
Rockingham County Superior Court
  • Settled successfully a fraudulent transfer claim to preserve right of client to pursue property for judgment.
  • Conducted contested guardianship hearing.
  • Prevailed in insurance coverage matter as to attorney fees.
  • Settled equity actions regarding real estate matter.
  • Prevailed on summary judgment in real estate litigation matter.
  • Settled, pre-suit, a personal injury claim from a motorcycle accident for insurance policy limits.
  • Settled personal injury claim on eve of expiration of statute of limitations.
  • Trial - successfully defended three corporations and estate of incorporator against $265,000 claim for breach of contract and tort of invasion of privacy.
  • Trial - directed verdict at close of Plaintiff's case in environmental contract case.
Strafford County Superior Court
  • Conducted trial regarding rights arising from part performance as to real estate purchase rights.
  • Pursued Ex Parte relief in complex tort case.
Sullivan County Superior Court
  • Settled post-divorce parental issues matter for client.
  • Settled real estate partition dispute.
  • Prevailed in guardianship matter on behalf of minor children.
  • Trial - prevailed in real estate partition trial.
  • Granted summary judgment in constitutional "takings" case.