Michael Chen

Michael Chen

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After graduating from law school and passing the bar in 2013, Mike entered the high-paced world of commercial real estate transactions with the largest commercial property owner on the North Shore of Massachusetts. There he specialized in negotiating contracts, business marketing and strategy, project management, and assisting businesses in planning for the future.


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Criminal/DWI Defense
In 2015, Mike took on a new challenge as a criminal defense attorney and civil litigator. Primarily working with DWI clients, he handled hundreds of cases, successfully protecting and defending his clients’ rights in both bench and jury trials. His advocacy and ability to navigate through the processes of the district and superior courts in New Hampshire provides comfort to his clients during a difficult time in their lives.

Family Law
Beginning in 2017, the Steiner Law Office welcomed Mike, and his proven ability to be a zealous advocate on behalf of clients, to the practice. He has already assisted several of our valued clients over an array of matters with great success. Having been there to assist clients through difficult times as a criminal defense practitioner, Mike employs these skills to help each client and their family during an important transitional stage in their lives.

Administrative Law

Additionally, it is important that each client understand his/her rights and law when applying for permits, variances, licenses, appeals, and various applications to an administrative body. Mike has been able to navigate successfully many matters before administrative bodies here in New Hampshire, such as the New Hampshire Department of Safety and City of Manchester Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Real Estate Law/Litigation
Similarly, Mike’s background in commercial real estate and administrative law provides him the ability to help individuals and real estate companies in transactions, boundary disputes, negotiations, and litigation. He continues to be active in keeping up to date with the laws, development and real estate market here in New Hampshire.

Personal Injury Litigation
Having pursued numerous personal injury cases ranging from small claims to major injuries, Mike seeks to help each client navigate through the claims process to the eventual compensation for damages suffered due to the negligence of another Dealing with insurance companies, large organizations and individuals can be difficult and confusing, so Mike works with each client to answer questions, gather information, and advocate on their behalf in and out of court.