Civil Litigation

Disagreements are not resolved by showing up at the “OK Corral” with Wyatt Earp and the gang. We focus on understanding the facts, and advising you on the legal remedies available. With substantial mediation, litigation and trial experience all over New Hampshire in the last 25 years, we put a tireless effort forth to seek to resolve your issue long before a court trial. However, we always have our eye on being prepared for trial if that is necessary. From a business perspective, however, more disputes resolve through mediation than ever see the inside of the courtroom. We remain prepared so we can address resolution at the earliest possible point in time.

Contract Dispute:
The best time to have an attorney review your business contract is before you sign it. Litigation often results from misunderstandings that might have been caught prior to entering into the agreement. However, if you are addressing a deal that is causing problems we will pursue all remedies available to you to protect you.


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